A couple weeks ago I complained that Forza 7 wasn’t very good. Thanks to the awesomeness of fellow Oppos, many of my problems were correctable within various menu options. Now, I have another complaint, but am not sure how to correct it.

My issue is with the difficulty settings - I always run aids off, damage on and Expert level driveatars. That was wayyy too easy - I was winning races on the Long setting by over a minute. Okay, bump it up to Pro. Now, it’s frankly too hard. The difficulty increase doesn’t seem linear at all. I’m not sure how I go from winning very easily to the next setting where I’m losing by 20+ seconds.

I just did a race last night at Suzuka in my Cayman GT4. After the first lap (of 13) I climb to 7th, then am able to pick off at least one car per lap. So, by lap 7, I’m in second position. At this point, the leader is so far ahead, I can’t even see them on the course map. I may have made up a little distance on them in the remaining six laps, but not after they had such a large headstart. It’s bullshit. How are all the other cars so much slower than one car? At the race results, the fastest lap by me and the winner were rather close - I was about a half second faster, but he had built such a lead during the time I was stuck working through traffic, it didn’t matter, even in a race on the Long setting.

I wish they’d allow the option to qualify - even if I didn’t start on the pole, I’d at least have a better shot at keeping up before the leader slingshots away from the pack.