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Another Good Thing About My Cruiser

Sure, when I was looking under the hood the gas struts gave up and dropped the hood directly onto my head. But it did it the same way the Cruiser does everything else: very, very slowly.

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It didn’t so much hit me in the head as I was working in there and I felt something cold on the back of my head and then a little bit of weight. If I had been wearing a hat, I may not have noticed at all.

I’ve got a headlight bulb out, so now I’m shopping for replacements. I’m leaning towards Silverstar Ultras, but I’m always interested in recommendations.


Also, I briefly considered naming it after my favorite (least favorite by such a wide margin that he’s kinda my favorite) politician...Ted Cruzer. But I have too much respect for the Cruiser to associate it with the Zodiac Killer.

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