You might remember that I recently got a new job. I like it so much more than my last one, but... it still just isn’t the best fit. So, today, I’m going to interview for a job at a junk removal company. I think this will be better for me as I won’t be doing the same exact thing for eight straight hours; instead of moving clothes from the warehouse to shipping, as I do now, I’ll be moving crap from wherever to the truck. Pretty similar in description, but I think it will be a nice change.

The only issue is I live in Norcross, GA and this job is in Smyrna - directly on the other side of Atlanta. So my commute would be like an hour each way... buuut, still, it’s an improvement as far as work goes. Also, the pay is good. I’m not sure of the hourly rate, but the listing says $30-50k annually. That’s much better than my current ~$20k situation. I’ll be able to afford a second AND third car if I want to!

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