Operation TetelestaiĀ is still in full effect. Today I paid back theĀ loan request which was used to pay off my credit cards. After attempting to pay the cards off for months and monthsĀ I realized I was always going to put money back on them. Two years ago I decided to print off the current statements of every credit card I had, handĀ them to my Credit Union, and applied for a loan which paid off all those credit card balances precisely.

My Credit Union paid eachĀ card off right then and there so I was never tempted by having money in my account. This all turned out to be the perfect strategy for me since it got those cards paid off andĀ increased my credit score from what I believe was a 670 at the time to a 750 the following month. These payoffs have been so much planning effort that I think Iā€™m going for a cash only lifestyle, including buying a house.