Another mystery solved

A little while ago I saw something I didn’t understand. I made a post in an attempt to blend my memory of the car with Oppo’s collective wisdom to figure out what it was. Today, I saw it again.

It was with a heavy heart that I had to walk away from that post days later with no definitive answer. Oppo had worked magic, but I didn’t know enough about the car to lock in an answer. I figured the best guess we had was a Porsche 914 with a ducktail spoiler. It fit all the criteria I could remember - upright headlamps, low body, curved buttresses, horizontal rear lights. I’ve never seen one, so there’s a good chance it wouldn’t click for me like other cars do.


Today I was sitting in horrendous traffic when I glimpsed it passing in the other lane. It all happened so fast. I sprung into action, leaning forward to glean as much information as possible from my rear-view mirror. I proclaimed out loud, nonsense like “NO”, “YOU’RE KIDDING”, “OH, YES YES”, much to the horror and disbelief of my passengers.

But I was victorious, I ID’d the car. It was hard to miss PORSCHE written in big letters through the rear reflector. It was indeed a 914, with a ducktail eerily similar to the one pictured in my original post.

Once again, no pics. But now that I’ve seen it twice around where I live, I’m confident it’s only a matter of time.


Good job Oppo. Particuarly gmporschenut: 10 internet points for you.

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