Well, if you saw my post a couple months ago about the new job, there is an update. It didn't work out. The kind of work the business did was just out of my skill level.

But! I start a new job tomorrow! I am starting a part-time job as a lot attendant at a local Ford dealer. I'll be washing cars, etc. On top of that, I could also work as a service porter, working to prep the cars for sale by tagging the keys, putting in seat covers, etc. I will also probably be doing some basic work in the garage to start.

While it may not sound like the most glorious, I am more than excited. The service manager really seemed to like me. He told me that he would have given me a shot as a technician right away, if he had an opening. He gave me the advice of taking the attendant job, as it's an excellent way to get my foot in the door. There were others looking for one of the two open attendant positions, but I didn't even make it home before he called to tell em I had gotten the job.

While he made no promises in stone, the manager told me he could definitely see a future for me with Ford. I couldn't be more excited.