Finally bought my wife the car she’s been asking for a few years now. Soul Red Cx-5. December 2015 build, Maxx Sport. Only the 2.0 FWD but it’ll be a city car. It’s got 73,000km on and the most horrible 20-inch wheels that need to go asap (stock wheels included in sale)

we might be going a bit overboard with new cars in the past few year, here’s our history so far...

  • 2014 wife sells here Hyundai Excel for Mazda3
  • 2015 I sell the DC5 for the 135i
  • 2018 I buy a daily Avalon
  • 2019 Buy a lemon Elantra from auction, sell the same day for massive loss as the engine was toast
  • 2019 Trade in Avalon for Accord Euro (TSX)
  • 2020 Sell Mazda3 for MAzda Cx5

This means the end of the road of the trusty 2009 Mazda3 which has been an impeccable car to date with 164,500km on it now.


costing us about $13,000 for the price difference which isn’t too bad I think....

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