It’s been a bad month for my friends.. First my buddies Taco;


and now a friends 2008 WRX -

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In Sept they had the car taken apart and the spot welds on the dash re-welded at the dealership. 8hr labour just to get in there. They were just looking at replacing it after the holidays were past.

Forward to last week, they took the kids for a day at Lake Louise (from Calgary).. half way home the dash lit up, engine lost power, they pulled over on the shoulder and it died. It wouldn’t start - and wouldn’t run. I asked her if there were any noises from the engine and she said there was a metal on metal sound as it died. They sat on the side of the road and had a tow truck come get it and take it to the dealership.


I gave them the heads up that it really didn’t sound good. I’ve heard that sequence play out before on the forums and it’s probably new engine time.

They got the call yesterday - turbo exploded (probably oil starved), went through the engine, metal smashed metal, and it’s toast. $15K CAD repair estimate..


They want to unload it, might end up walking away with nothing. They are talking around to smaller shops and Subaru specialists in Calgary (Hey, anyone know of any?) for options. Engine swap on an 08 isn’t going to be cheap - and they just put a few thousand into the welds last month.

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