Another one bites the Brake-Dust

There are plenty of ways that you can hurt a man, and bring him to the ground.

Well, that's right. One way is drying-up the supply-chain of much needed parts. The one part I would never have guessed BMW no longer is able to supply to me is, wait for it, brake rotors.


The 256mm brake disc for my 2002 tii is no longer in stock, nor seems to be in the near future (source: both BMW Netherlands and Germany). I'm shocked as these quite obviously need replacement once in a while.

First aftermarket-product that comes to mind is a Brembo disc. Same story. I could opt for Tarox or some other specialists disc (Wilwood!) but these are all way more expensive.

The E21 320/6 had 255mm discs, maybe I could make that work.

My normal source for partnumbers still mentions the tii-brakes to be available though, someone in the US knows if it's an issue over there as well?

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