Another day, another tire.

While I was watching the last bit of the F1 post-race coverage, Mrs McMike came back from running a short errand.

Bonus, she only drove about 100 yards on this one, and I think we'll be able to keep using it.

This time, it turned out to be the valve stem again. I swear, the tire shop that put these on must have had a bad batch, because every one of them has failed. This was the last one.


I have never known anyone to be so unsuccessful keeping air in their tires. (It's not all her fault, since four of her flats have been because of these stems)

Bad news, all the local gas stations' bays were closed, and I had to drive a little further to a tire chain store to have a new one put in.


Bonus sighting at the tire store.

Hi-riser lift gave up?