Not quite finished yet, but it boots and it’s screaming fast. A $22 motherboard and the Hackintosh is alive again, although this time with an i5 instead of the i7 as originally purchased (that CPU is in the Windows machine posted about earlier). I don’t believe that the configuration (below) is anything that Apple actually offered, but, well, whatever - it works and works well:


The previous 16GB of RAM and GTX 670 are in, along with the secondary power supply to drive the video card (silver box at the bottom of the case). I do need to find a better place to put it, and find a way to cleanly and safely run the power cable from the outside. And I have some Mac-formatted drives that need to go in there as well, I think 1.5 and 3TB, but I’ll have to dig them out and check. As usual, I’m running out of SATA ports (two optical drives plus 2 SSDs and only one internal port remaining), so I’ll have to see what Mac-compatible PCI cards are laying around in these boxes of garbage.

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