Another One - Custom Pie Cut N55 Downpipe

Our buddy Bruce has a pretty gorgeous BMW 535xDrive (F10) and it’s got some tasteful mods. He really wanted to get rid of the stock and incredibly restrictive downpipe. So he hit us up to make a new one.

That was the preliminary mock up. Look how huge and restrictive that factory converter is. It’s also extremely heavy! Of course, this car is for racing use only. (Hehe)


The use of pie cuts made sense to make the radius bends and make fitment perfect. This level of work was VERY time consuming, but the end result was nothing short of lovely. The weight was reduced by a great deal, and the car undoubtedly gained power.

No check engine lights, no leaks. Everything is like OEM only better.

This even fits all N55 5, 6, 7, X5/6 vehicles too. If anyone would ever have an interest just let me know. Figured if I can show off our work and help the community that’s just all the better!


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