Another One Followed Me Home. (Repost fer the Monday crowd)

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This time it’s an 85 Yamaha Tri Z 250.

I got to sprint around on it briefly. And terrifying is really the only way to describe it. Its packing a liquid cooled 250cc 2 stroke that pulls like a Funny Car once it hits it’s powerband. It tried putting it’s nose in the air through the first 3 gears at WOT. Maxed out it should be good for around 70 mph.


It needs a little love but for being 30 years old it’s really in good shape.

First up is replacing the hacked wiring harness (came with a replacement) and new tires. Then on to a full detailing and thorough inspection so I can make a to-do list and get it looking as good as it runs.


(Edit: It looks like I’ll be heading to Iowa for a job interview this week. If I can change tires before then I’ll be bringing it along for a ride!)

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