My FiST in happier times, with a friend.

So yeah. I was on a business trip last Wednesday from Nashville to Memphis, then back home. Trip down went well, I did my business in a business-like manner, and then I made the journey back. It's roughly 225 miles from one city to the other.

A couple weeks prior, Tennessee had some pretty nasty winter weather. Lots of freezing rain. Lots of ice. As such, there were potholes in most all of the roads.

Well, I was tooling along the interstate, going the speed limit, and I begin the third leg of my journey. It was night, it was raining, it was dark. And what appears before me, but a pothole.

Now, I say pothole. It was a chasm to the center of the Earth. Really, only 2-3" deep, but I hit it with the left wheels of my FiST.


But it happened so fast, I didn't realize what awfulness I had gotten myself into. Because there wasn't just one of these things. There were dozens. For probably 100 feet, I hit these big dirty bastards at full highway speed. By the time I could react, I had passed the potholes.

But it was over.

The vibration started. And it was noticeable at speeds above 40. Needless to say, I was slightly terrified. No flats, thankfully, and I made it home safe.


However, we come to today. FiST is in the shop, and I just get a call from the Dealer on the damage.

All. Four. Wheels. Are bent. (I hit some potholes on the right side too, apparently). One of the tires is showing its belt. All four wheels and all four tires need to be replaced to the tune of $2,319.19. And I bet the shocks are blown too. So there's that too. They haven't gotten to check those yet.

FiST is in shop for 3 days til everything comes in.

But seriously... If you buy a FiST on Oppo... Shit WILL go down. It's only a matter of time.