Another perfect day, mini photoshoot of the Datsun 240z

My friend (the one with the grey Z that was stolen, and recovered, albeit missing engine and all the interior) is quite a talented photographer.

On what seemed like the last nice day of the year I asked if he would mind shooting my car.


I couldn’t really think of any spots, so he took me to Seattle as he said it would fit my car a bit better being a bit rough around the edges.

A bit of swearing in heavy traffic as people came to a complete stop, pulled out their phones instead of just slowly rolling, we made it to the Georgetown area.

After a bit of moving around to different spots, the fuel pump in the car started wailing, he suggested one more spot where we would let the car sit, grab some night shots and let the fuel pump cool.


So a couple location we had chatted about were off the table, but....

Without further to do...


Went back through the I-90 tunnels giving it a quick blip in the tunnels. Car is running a bit too rich now with the new tune, I’ll have to pull a bit of fuel out, but it gets through the gears real quick. I have a GPS speedo so no readings in the tunnels, but I will say having a 6th gear would be nice.

Wound down with some chow at a local Teriyaki place.

I think it was just another perfect day.

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