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Another post looking for advice. Selling a car with a lien

so, to start this off, I love love love my FoST. But with a recent promotion at work, I just cannot justify it. With this promotion, ill be driving in / around NYC almost every day, with a trip up to Rochester twice a month. I'll be putting over 2k miles a month on a car that I am paying off, and killing the value of the car. It made sense when I was driving between westchester and Greenwich, but I'm beginning to want something that I don't need to worry about as much and don't have a loan on.

How tough is it to sell a vehicle with a lien on it?

What I'm thinking of replacing the FoST with (hear me out) is either a used WRX, Wrangler or Xterra. I love all three of these, but having a truck with 4x4 will benefit me most in the winter, as well as pothole negotiation. I lost two wheels to potholes in my FoST the year I've had her. With driving to Rochester, AWD or 4x4 looks like a good option to me. Even in the city I'm snowed in the past 5 days and that's with dedicated snow tires. I'll be taking a hit financially selling this, but I think the sooner the better to get the most value.


To add to this:

I'm realizing I shouldn't have bought a brand new car when I did. I was living rent-free at the time, but was moved around, and am now paying rent. I'm cutting it close every month, due to the fact that NYC rent is expensive and absurd. Getting rid of that 270/mo will let me at least get that into my savings account, and that's important for me at 24.


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