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I caught myself looking up XJ Cherokees again. I really wanted a 2 door last year, but couldn’t find a decent one. Now I’m totally okay with 4-doors if I can get the modern conveniences that the later models came with (yes, fancy-Toyota ownership has corrupted me). Then I would own two inline-6 vehicles!


I could use an XJ for camping, a backup vehicle, for a trip to the whatever, etc. It completely undercuts the various problems I’ve been encountering when shopping for an “adventure rig:”


- decent 4Runners are expensive... let’s not even talk about Tacomas.
- Land Cruisers are even more bigly expensive, but more awesome
- Chinooks and Dolphins are wonderful but I would only use it once or twice a year. It would sit 357 days a year. Plus I like tent camping and I don’t see myself having enough time to travel the country and stuff like that with my current career
- extended cab pickup not convenient for passengers, and the bed is not long enough to adequately replace the longbed over time as a TRUCK-truck.

Oh God, I hope I get a bigly garage on our next house. I want to go back to unnecessary car shopping. So much less awful than house shopping.

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