High miles, but every record ever. Not seeing much rust underneath. Not as nice as the one from Oregon (plus black? Muh visible swirls!), but cheaper, closer, and still in great shape.


For those who may not remember, I have a bigly weakness for the T100. And like everything else I buy, they are stupid hard to find in good condition. 4x4s that are in good condition sell instantly and for way too damn much. I’ve owned a RWD pickup since I was 22, so I think I can handle it for a while longer. In spite of my want, I’ve never needed 4WD.

I also acknowledge I kind of just want to buy something for the sake of the novelty of it at times... Been two years since I bought a vehicle! TWOOOOOO!

Here’s a link to this one:


Here’s the Oregon one again:


Will repost in comments in case of kinja.

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