This is a Peugeot 103 moped, one of a series of very similar machines made from the 1960s on.

It’s not terribly exciting. 50cc two stroke, pedal start, single speed, optional front and rear suspension, not very quick. This particular one is even slower because it’s missing the belt that should connect the two pulleys.


This is also a 103. Allegedly.

It doesn’t have pedals, has more than 50cc and is more exciting. The headlight and saddle are probably standard but little else is.

The engines are more or less standard, just more numerous.


Described as a V8, it’s actually two banks of four engines running two crankshafts as so:


Each of the cranks drives a central pulley by belt which in turn takes power back to a centrifugal clutch and thence to the drive chain.

Want to see it running? Yes, of course you do.

Here you go.

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