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So in the vein of my last post, my focus has been on Scion practically all day. I like the brand, they've successfully attracted this Millennial Falcon. the Idea I had in my last post was Go up against VW and Mini as Quirky fun boxes, but Toyota has shown that they're not ashamed on badging Toyotas as what they are. AE86=FRS/IQ=IQ

So what's stopping them from Moving the similarly quirky and funky fresh Toyota Prius c over to Scion, frankly for the sake of moving product and it just makes sense. It's small, it's cute and it gets 50 MPG on a bad day, The perfect Hybrid for a city dwelling Graduate looking for something stylish yet cheap to drive.


I'm for it, Scion can be the Cool side of Toyota if they let themselves allow it. Toyota can be for the Graduate or Professional who is saving for a Lexus, and Scion for that Graduate that still wants to stand out.

I bring this up because Scion offers tons of incentives for Students, they want us there and they're Toyota's it's not like they would steal sales from something when they're sold on the same lot. I would buy a Scion hC.

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