The wife and I sometimes frequent swap meets, huge rummages, and always wish we had brought along a cart or wagon to hold our goods, or the youngest when her feet get tired, well we saw this at Goodwill for $10 and I was like... “Yeah, I could make it.... cooler”

It sat for a few weeks, then I started to clean it up and fix its issues. Mainly, one of the top boards had come loose, so I glued and nailed it back into place. The urethane coating on the bed is worn off, so I’ll need to address that so the wood is protected. The other issue is the two rear tires.... One doesn’t want to seat, the other has a hole and won’t hold air.

In researching the wagon, I found its a $200 Amish made heavy-hauling (600+ pound rated) wonderfully made thing.


Yes I could add a lift, paint it some smexy colors, and throw on some huge wheels or stance it out and add some wide go-kart slicks.... but the wife said function over form so.... I found these on Northern Tool for $5 each. A STEAL since they come with wheels with the correct hub size, and I can play with the mounting to get the stance just right, plus they’re the same size as what’s on the wagon now, but a little more aggressive.


Plus its to cold in the garage to work on the Trans Am, and this fits in the basement so I can work on it and be WARM.