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Answers of the Night: Eleven Racetracks You Want Your Own Copy of Nearby.

Thanks to all the responses, we have a good list of tracks that Opponauts want copies of for their very own. Most are fairly obvious, others less so.

There’s no bias at play as best as I’m able, merely tallying the votes. The order listed doesn’t indicate ranking, necessarily.


11: Monza, suggested by AddictedToM3s.

10: Anglesey, suggested by JDIGGS.

9: Pikes Peak, suggested by XJDano.

8: Hockenheimring, suggested by WheelerGuy.

7: Road America, suggested by Tohru.

6: Watkins Glen, suggested by Trunk Impaired 318.

5: Dunsfold Aerodrome, home of the Top Gear UK Test Track, as well as a testing ground for McLaren, Lotus, and other British automakers. Suggested by Chris Kansinskas.


4: Suzuka, suggested by BJ and 415s30.

3: Bathurst, aka Mt. Panorama Circuit, suggested by TA4K30 and Pip Bio.

2: Norschleife Nurburgring, suggested by SaveTheIntegras2.0, though it might quickly become a PreRunner course with the maintenance and insurance requirements.


1: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, home of the infamous Eau Rouge. Suggested by djmt1, WiffleBallTony, GTRZILLAR32, 415s30, Jarod Rose, and mentioned by - and fairly avoided by - Jcarr.

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