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The executable code, Colorized 2019

Classmate: “So, without your part I cannot work mine, so send it as soon as possible please”


Me: “sure, I’ll finish it today”

Classmate: “no, I mean, just have it ready by the weekend-”

Me: “okay sure”

*classmate leaves at 6PM*

*I look at my shitty source*

*delete shitty source*

Me(to barista): “Give me 1/2 a liter of cold brew”

Barista: “are you nuts?”

Me (eye twitches):”what makes you think that?”

*checks time, 6:30PM*

*have mild anxiety and start pacing around campus*

*mumble to myself :::grumble grumble:::*

*suddenly realize it was the pointers all along*

*starts again from scratch*

*gets distracted by prank call*

*goes home*

*sends at 12:30AM*

Classmate: “How did you do this in six hours?”

Me: “yes”

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