Anxiety Is Setting In

Three weeks straight without being home or stopping. Running until Tuesday or Wednesday and start my new job on Monday the 23rd. It’s bittersweet in a way honestly; leaving behind the known for the unknown.

Then I encounter a scenario like this and instantly remember why I’m done with OTR life. Tight spaces, parking infrastructures are lacking late at night, and HOS makes it hard. I’m running recap hours now meaning I don’t have a full 14 hour day at my disposal anymore. Stressful and frustrating for sure.


However the money has been awesome the last few weeks and allows my relocation to be just a slight bit less stressful. I have a few awesome leads on new places I’ll check out this upcoming week and crunch to get stuff done.

Anyone else ever get anxious about career moves? I mean, I truly have nothing bad to say about my current company. They’ve treated me well and the money is good enough. I’m just tired. Tired of being over the road, dealing with customers, finding parking at 0400 and all of the headaches that come with it.

Here’s to embracing change and securing housing this week!

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