Any other sufferers here? Not talking about “Oh, I have OCD with my car because if it gets a door ding, I am pissed.” This is deeper. More serious. Real.

There are several types of OCD, but mine deals with intrusive thoughts.

I’m not going to do anything bad. And on the one hand, I know that. But my OCD won’t let me take very occasional at most weird thoughts (that everyone has) at face value and not worry about them. It causes me to obsess over the fact that I had the thoughts (not really what the thoughts are about).

Just looking to see if there are any other sufferers here. This shit blows. My heart rate stays in the low 100s a good portion of the day because of my racing, anxious mind. And no, I don’t have a heart problem. That’s been checked. I’ve for sure been diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

I’ve been to my doctor. He has me on 20 MG of Lexapro and recently, 2 MG of Abilify. Please save the medicine lectures. They do help me. I just have bad times.


I go through phases where it’s fine and phases where it’s not. Right now, unfortunately, it’s not.


This is my heart rate right now sitting on the couch on break at work.