Here be my motorcycle, the only motorcycle I’ve ever owned.

(1994 Suzuki GSX750F, aka Katana 750, stripped of it fairings)

It deserves a better home. But anxiety has kept me from selling it for at least the last 4-5 years. To be blunt (and to keep this from becoming a long, drawn out sob story), I don’t trust myself on the bike. I need to let go of this episode of my life so I could readdress this at a later date, possibly with a cruiser and/or lower displacement cycle.


My problem is that I know how to sell a car but in my mind, selling a motorcycle is whole different animal. And I keep finding conflicting advice online. Unfortunately sources that I feel that I can trust, namely LaneSplitters and Jalopnik, just haven’t had the time to notice my previous emailed requests to address do’s and don’ts. In other words, I HAS THE TRUST ISSUES.

So if my fellow Oppos have any sound advice, let me hit you with a few details and concerns:

1) Currently, the bike is not registered, plated, nor insured. Pretty sure it needs to be insured first before putting up for sale – at least.


2) I think that now that I’m in my 40’s, I’ve become less comfortable with selling it on Craigslist (theft, some a-hole tries to rob me and/or my home, etc.). A car on Craigslist just seems easier to deal with. I would prefer a more documented way to sell it like on eBay (even with fake accounts, eBay and PayPal could offer insurances that I could be reimbursed), but I’m obviously open to suggestions. Maybe one too many horror stories of folks being robbed (or worse) while buying/selling something on Craigslist of value have given me “old man jitters”?

3) Since I currently don’t have the confidence in my abilities to be a safe rider for others or myself out on the road, I can’t demo it or take it to an agreed location. Plus that can’t happen in the middle of winter anyway in Indiana.


4) My “In before the “STOP BEING A PUSSY, BRO!” dude PSA: If your pea brain can’t handle that a 40-something man with a clean driving record with personal/financial/professional responsibilities that I have to constantly worry about, let alone the safety and well-being of other folks on the road because I lost my confidence with my riding abilities, this thread is not for you. GTFO!!!

5) I wouldn’t allow anyone to test ride without a motorcycle riders endorsement/license and insurance. Is there any reason to look past that?


6) (reserved for anything that I forgot to add. Ignore me…for now)

Since I’m more in tune with a fast car over a fast motorcycle, here’s a Gumpert Apollo for your time.


On second thought, how about a MotoCzysz E1pc as well!