ANY AUDIO GUYS: I Need Help Routing Audio For Streaming

I’ve picked up a gig where I will be streaming myself playing music live, but after realizing that streaming while actively making a beat in Logic Pro would could probably crash it, I dusted off my 2 in 1 ASUS Transformer T100 for streaming the music production.


As pictured above, the idea is that I want all of my sound from my MacBook Air (playing Music and Logic, and also connected to my speaker via splitter) to be sent to my 2 in 1 ASUS PC. My main problem is that I’m not sure how to connect the two computers so that the ASUS PC will recognize the input from the MacBook. The squiggly oval with the upside down T is a USB mic, which I would be able to connect to the ASUS PC for commentary, but other than that, I’m stuck.

What I do know is that the ASUS PC accepts input and output via headphone jack, and as far as I know, so does the MacBook Air, though I don’t have any cords that have 3 ring connectors.

Can anybody help?

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