Devon loves the mercedes

December will mark 6 months since my life unexpectedly and catastrophically collapsed around me which means I’ve been a lube tech for 5 months now. I recently got my senior tech raise (basically poverty line wage in Colorado) which means I have nowhere to advance at my 50 year old, run down Valvoline.

This is how my manager likes to leave a shared workspace

I’ve spent said 6 months crawling my way back to an acceptable living situation with a roof over my head, a running car, and a measly cushion of savings so its time for me to focus on improving my life. The way I see it, I have limited options because I’m 22 and jobs don’t grow on trees. I could parlay my experience into an apprenticeship at the Subaru dealership (because Colorado), join my “business partner” in taking his grow operation legitimate, (because Colorado) or use my savings to get a CDL and start as a driver at a fracking op (because Northern Colorado) The CDL is the most financially rewarding option by a huge margin and I have researched the steps to getting certified but I know next to nothing about the job market, work environment, learning curve or really anything else. Some life advice from someone more experienced would be greatly appreciated   

My car made friends with another 80s german sedan