Any detailing experts out there? I need some help! Stolen bike returned!

My mountain bike got stolen over a year ago, and yesterday the local police department called to say they found it abandoned in a park a couple miles from where it was taken. The thief abused the hell out of it and made a ton of very distasteful mods. The matte silver paint is trashed, there’s a lot of paint transfer from where the theif leaned it up against railings or whatever, also tons of scratches and other damage. Take a look in the imgur album below for the extent of shitty mods and damage (if it isn’t kinja’d). How do I fix matte paint? I’m at a loss. Any suggestions of replacement parts I should consider? Needing a saddle, tires, pedals, and a full groupset at the minimum. It’s a 2018 Trek X Caliber 7. 


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