Any Eastern PA or NJ opponauts looking for a cheap ADV Bike?

Going for $2,000!

Helping a friend from Michigan sell this bike of his locally, because he rode it 600 miles to visit us, then on a whim, decided to buy a new bike and ride it home instead. The cost and time required to bring a truck and transport this bike back to Michigan is a significant chunk of its worth so he’s trying his luck in selling locally.


1995 BMW R1100GS, 78k miles. Hard sided luggage. Shaft drive, fuel-injected flat twin air/oil cooled engine. Tires were just put on a couple weeks ago, they have about 700 miles on em. It has ABS but the lights blink on and off so unsure if it works. Brake lines were replaced with all braided stainless a couple years ago. Starts up and runs great, no problem maintaining 80-85 on the highway. She tops out around 110 due to short gearing. Has a few scuffs and scrapes from off roading and being dropped a few times, but it has full crash bars so if it’s dropped at walking speed or less, no harm no foul. Weeps a little bit of oil from one corner of one of the valve covers, not enough to drip. Didn’t consume any oil on the trip over from Michigan.

It’s a pretty tall bike, if you’re under 5'10" or have an abnormally short inseam you’ll have trouble flat-footing it. As mentioned it has full crash bars. It’s a little top heavy, overall weight is around 550lbs ready to ride with empty luggage. I would not call this a beginner-friendly bike; the current owner bought it as his first bike and he decided after a few years that it was a little too big/tall/cumbersome for him, which is why he replaced it with a new R nineT Urban G/S.

Anyway, if there are any interested Oppos in the Eastern PA or NJ area, let me know. Hard to find a fuel injected BMW adventure bike in ready to ride condition for this cheap. We already have a standing offer of $1700 from a local, so the $2k price is pretty firm.

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