I have some questions.

I’m about to be a senior in a 5 year engineering program. I’ll be graduating in the spring of 2017 in chemical engineering, and if everything goes as it is going now I’ll probably have around a 3.8-3.85 GPA. On top of that, I will have 2 years of manufacturing and R&D experience through my schools Co-operative experience program. I’m looking to stay in manufacturing, and I also have a years worth of plastics manufacturing experience and about 6 months in paint/chemical out of that 2 years.

Even though it’s a much higher possibility I will end up with a chemical related manufacturing company, what are the odds I could work for a car company? Toyota was interested in the past due to my plastics experience but the internship wasn’t where I needed to be at the time.


To be honest, I really love chemical related manufacturing but it’s been kind of a background dream to be working for any of my favorite car manufacturers. I’ve been looking at some VAG/JLR positions in North America but the closest thing I got was a kind of vague explanation of a VAG job requiring an “engineering degree” and 0-1 year manufacturing experience (both of which I’ll have). With my background and experience could I stand a chance against a MechE grad??

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