Any english majors out there?

need help with this awkward sentence. Try to keep it as once sentence... for a huge paper due tomorrow.

Employees, customers, and any other individual involved in a business venture may not possess the ability to speak clearly; all parties must be pleased in the name of business success, so active listening as a general and operations manager is key.

For your time, photo dump from the day I got to spend on a date with a gorgeous red head!


EDIT: all i know is it had the original engine mated to an e30 5pd, and like 35k original miles. Don't know if any work was done to the engine.. The car felt pretty damn quick. The owner has a old 911, many old alpinas (including one of the same e21 chassis), a race car e3o, and cosworth 190e, so theres a fair chance he's squeezed a few more ponies out of the good old carbed 4 banger.. probably my favorite car i've ever driven.



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