Any experience with replica wheels?

Specifically from these guys here:

My time is up on keeping the winter tires on my car, which are currently mounted on the stock rims. Last year my all seasons ripped when they took them off the rims, which is understandable since they were 5 years old. My winter tires only have two seasons on them.


I’d rather just get a new set of wheels/tires to avoid having the tires peeled off every spring. I’ve been looking at Craigslist seeing VW/Audi rims in the $4-500 range, usually with some curb rash or other defect. So I’ve been looking at other options and was thinking some R8 replica wheels like the ones below might look good.

My concern is quality and safety. I know they wont be super light, but for $473 for a set shipped, can I go wrong?

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