You don’t hear too much about them, except occasional talk about their Sprint Classic tires for vintage cars. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear about their Quatrac 5 all-season tire (they were the first to make an all-season tire with the mountain-and-snowflake)

But nothing about their standard modern-car tires. Like the Sportrac 5 high performance summer tire. The EU Tire Label is C for fuel economy, B for rain, and 70dB noise. The UTQG is 300 A A. Offered in H and V speed ratings. Size 205/65-15

I’m thinking about separate summer and winter tires, but this is the only summer tire in my size, and only sporadic availability in the US.

And even if I don’t end up using it, perhaps the info can still be useful to anyone else considering Vredestein.

Otherwise, my all-season tire will be the Falken Ziex ZE950 (W-rated). Does anybody have experience with these?


Winters aren’t too bad. It snows a couple times a year, but the roads are plowed within a couple days, so I’d say maybe 5-10 days where snow tires would be of most benefit.