Ok, I need electrician help for getting my new electric car to charge at my house; warning: this gets super technical!

Starting out; I have a house that is built in 1953, obviously ungrounded plugs. The plug for the EV has a “Service Ground Check” and will not charge unless a ground is present. Last night I did something admittedly dangerous but temporary and created a bootleg ground to trick it into charging my car.

I want to hook up the charger to 220 using a nema6-20r plug. Can I just buy a 30amp double pole gfci protected breaker and will that satisfy the service ground check? Or will I have to do a homerun and ground the plug at the breaker box? (This will require grounding rods as the box isn’t grounded)

Also, I was thinking of running the 220 off my dryer that is in the garage. The breaker will handle it as it is only a 15 amp charger. The wire running to my dryer is a 3 wire of 2 hot and one neutral. How do I wire he nema6-20r without a ground and a neutral wire?