So, as I understand it, these cars sort of “punch above their weight” in that they are supposed to offer S-Class levels of luxury at a lower price.

However, usually when the price is lower, there’s a compromise somewhere else. So since no one really buys an S-Class for the driving experience I’d imagine, in the sporting sense, what would the disadvantage be of these two cars, other than the badge on the bonnet? (Yes, I realize that’s a big deal to some people, but let’s just ignore that here.)

Does the S-Class have some gadget these two cars don’t have? Or better leather or something? Are either of these any good? Which is better? (I read somewhere that the K900 doesn’t have self-centering steering…is that true? Sounds strange for a modern vehicle.)

Just curious because since these are allegedly quite rare/not selling in large numbers, I’m wondering if the badge is the only thing holding them back from broader success, what with the motoring press saying that the Korean car manufacturers have come a long way in the past decade.