I have a problem I think many of you have dealt with before. In fact, I’ve dealt with it before but never had this much trouble. How do I remove a sticker from my truck?

The “Sam Galloway Ford” sticker on my truck is not a Toynbee Tile but you’d think it used the same technology. I bought a used Explorer in December and the only thing wrong with it that I can see is this damn sticker.


The truck was a one-owner from Ft. Meyers so I’m guessing the old couple that garage-kept it didn’t mind the sticker. I do.


I half-heartedly picked at the corners before realizing it might be structural to the truck. A load-bearing sticker. Seriously, what kind of product is out there THAT WORKS which will remove this for me without taking off the paint?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And if you need something to listen to as you type, here’s my recent podcast.


HA! Thought I’d forget to plug it?

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