Just finished driving my moms new one for he first time. Its an automatic, non turbo model. I must admit I do like the styling much better than before. However hers is in a baby blue. Which is a terrible color for any car, besides maybe a Mustang.

Anyways I will admit it took me and my brother "multiple" minutes to figure out how to start it up. I've never used a keyless start before. Once we got that out of the way I moved on to my next gripe.

I do not like the seating position. Or the high door frame.


The shifter is pretty nice, feels good in the hand. Would be a great one I believe if it was manual, if its the same knob. But since I hate automatics I decided to use the tiptronic feature first. Only stayed in that setting until I got out of my neighborhood. There's a pretty ridiculous lag time before it shifts. Probably a solid second. I would shift and think it did, until I felt it seconds later actually do it. - I have only used one other tiptronic type car, and it was a '14 Mustang, I wasn't a big fan of hat either because its just a button on the knob. But it was much quicker than the VW.

On to steering feel, it feels as if you are playing Forza with a wheel, with feedback off. There is basically no feedback at all through the wheel. I guess women want that. I don't know. The only time I felt any was when I would go over some decent bumps with one wheel. - Best part of the steering in my little trip was the torque steer, yes it has some. And it was the best part of the car to me. Stepped on it at a green light, in sport mode, and you have to hold on. However you have to wait a bit for the power to kick in whenever you step on the pedal. There's some serious lag with the pedal, which might just be standard for automatics as it was for the Mustang I was in as well.

The last little "test" I put it through was going through my neighborhoods chicane. I love that thing. My little car is definitely the best car for it I've tried it in. And the bug was somewhat of a disappointment. It has more power than my car, but the traction is terrible. When I stepped on it at all through it I would lose traction, probably going 25mph. My car can probably do double that.


Short little review, my first for a car, so any criticism or comments are appreciated! If anyone read through this.