I have the day off tomorrow and I’m desperate for something fun to do, during the day.
My options seem to suck though.

At first I thought of Karting, as I haven’t been in a while. Problem is that there’s only one Kart place that’s open tomorrow, and it’s a minimum of $20 per run. Sorry, I’m not paying (almost) a tank of gas to run for 10 minutes.

Then I thought about renting a sports car and just finding a nice driving road. Sadly the “sportiest” car I can even find for rental is a Buick Verano. Yeah, scratch that idea.

Okay, maybe an arcade? Nope, only ones around here are children oriented, and I can’t stand children.

Bowling? Nope, I have an injured finger right now.

The only things I’ve got left are going to drive some golf balls or go see a movie. Both of these options are kind of blah to me, but would work I guess.


So, anyone else have any ideas? There has to be SOMETHING I’m not thinking of, right?