There's a 1993 Niva for sale locally. It has ~120,000km and the guy wants $1600 for it. Would I be a complete idiot attempting to daily it?


I'm working in the Oil Patch for the summer and need a cheap and cheerful 4x4 to get me around town and to jobs from time-to-time. I usually take or get rides in the company trucks, but having my own vehicle would enable me to pick-up some sweet, last minute overtime. We also get paid $1 per KM when we take our own vehicles out (most jobs are 300-600km round-trip)

I've been looking at getting a decent Ranger, S10, or Jeep TJ for ~$5000 - but stumbled upon this Niva and got really excited. I've always wanted one and this example seems pretty decent.

I'm just not sure if the 4x4 system in the Niva, mated with the 4cyl motor would be up for the challenge - the logging roads we use get incredibly muddy and treacherous, at times.


S0, are there any Opponauts out there with real world Niva experience?