Left-foot Braking

Any left foot brakers out there? I was driving with someone who happened to be staring at my stallion like legs and they noticed I was, *gasp*, operation the brake with my left foot, the forgotten foot, the red headed step child of feet.

Their #1 concern "it's just not safe, mannn!". Well "mannn" I dare you to tell me why. Plus it gives the left side of my body something to do while driving a slushbox. I don't want to feel like a stroke victim, not always, at least not while driving.
Alternatively I'm not one of those talented people who can both rock the clutch and brake with their left foot while also sometimes using their right foot on the brake when needed. I guess I had shitty parents like that.

I know I learned to drive with only the right foot, not really sure when I made the switch, I've been doing it as long as I can remember-except for that part about learning how to driving right footed.


Who's with me on this?