I have an 09 F350 work truck that’s been serving me well. Mechanically it’s fantastic (knock on wood) but the body has been beat up pretty bad (scratches everywhere, the odd rust spot, dented fender and door, etc.). I work a lot in the mud so big tires are a must, which kick up a lot of rocks and beat the paint up like it’s nothing.

Up until recently I had planned on just continuing to keep the truck in great mechanical condition and keep the battle scars coming. Lately, however, I’ve had the urge to bring her back to her former glory (I’m about 5 months away from paying her off completely).

It’s gonna cost me about $700 to have the door and replacement fender painted the traditional way(still leaving a ton of imperfections elsewhere on the body), or I can pay somebody ~$2500 to “Raptor Liner” the whole truck, making her look new again.

Does anyone have any longterm experience with the stuff? How is it holding up?

I’d hate to drop $2000+ on aesthetics just to have it fade in a couple years. If I get the body looking nice I’d likely keep it for many, many years and eventually swap a Cummins into it when the (not-yet)problem-prone 6.4 inevitably fails.


TL;DR: Who has any longterm experince with bed liner as paint? How’s it holding up?


(Picture of the truck before most of the battle scars)