I’ve been working on a problem for a while, and unfortunately the solution is beyond me.

In rally each loop between services/refuels contains a certain number of stage miles and a certain number of transit miles. Naturally a car’s fuel economy driving flat out on stage is drastically different from its fuel economy driving the speed limit on transit. I’m fairly convinced that it’s theoretically possible to input the transit mileage, stage mileage, and fuel used into a table and, after enough data points, calculate fairly accurate transit and stage fuel economy. This would be incredibly useful as it would make it possible to look at the stage/transit mileage of upcoming loops and ensure a car has enough fuel on board to complete the loop while at the same time keeping from carrying too much unnecessary weight in the form of excess fuel. So here’s the challenge. Can anyone come up with a table that would actually solve this?

WRC refueling for your time

EDIT: Here’s some mileage and weekend fuel numbers to test the table:

Fuel used: 8.5 gallons in first loop, 7.5 gallons in second loop
Fuel used: 6.5 gallons in third loop, 8.1 gallons in fourth loop, 7.75 gallons in fifth loop