Any Mechwarriors on Oppo?

I’ve been a huge fan of the Battletech/Mechwarrior sci-fi universe since I was a kid....I’ve played every Mechwarrior game since Mechwarrior 2, I’ve read many, many of the novels...

My latest pull is playing some Mechwarrior Online...any other Oppos partake? I go by ‘RallyDarkstrike’ if anybody wanted to add me in-game! I don’t get to play too often (or play any computer games, really...), but it would be nice to join up if anybody is ever on. :)

My Cataphract tends to do me well in the grand scheme of things...


It doesn’t cost anything as it’s Free-To-Play - it’s not too hard to earn money in game, and you get a big bonus when you first start playing to buy your first ‘Mech. I also like it as it’s not a fast, ‘reaction-time-twitch-shooter’ like a lot of games out there today. Sure, it’s a shooter, but it’s slower-paced and more strategic....though that certainly doesn’t mean it’s no less exciting. I know I’ve had my heart pounding a few times!

See you on the battlefields! :)

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