Before I get home and my wife takes my head off, does anyone here on Oppo have any clue regarding my wife's '06 Town & Country mechanical issue? Over the past 3 - 6 months, her van will run out of gas, even though the gas gauge is still above the "E" mark. The fuel light will either not come on, or will just come on and the engine will sputter & die. I can put in a gallon or two of gas, and the van fires right up and all is well. She's been trying to keep the tank at least 3/4 full, at least I thought she was, but she ran out of gas again tonight, when it's 15 degrees & windy out. Needless to say, she ain't happy. I've done a bit of on-line research, and could be anything from the fuel pump to a sending unit. Anyone have an idea?

Here's a van for reading.