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Any MSFS pilots wish the A320 was a little more complete?

You’ve probably already heard of the Zibo 737 for X-plane. For those not familiar with it, it is a freeware aircraft that is sophisticated and complex enough to rival some of the 3-figure study-level add-ons that sell for various flightsims. As much as I like all of the complexity and accuracy that add-ons from companies like PMDG provide, I just couldn’t justify spending $100+ on one aircraft for a sim that I bought for less than $40. The Zibo 737 is an amazing product for X-Plane 11 and has really garnered a lot of positive attention, and lots of people were hoping that someone would do something like that for the new MSFS.

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Screenshot: whatever...

Screenshot: whatever...

Well, it’s already happening. I just downloaded this new aircraft after watching a YouTube video, but haven’t installed it yet; that’ll happen as soon as I post this. From what I’ve seen it’s well on its way to providing the accuracy and detail that the hard-core simmers are looking for. Most of my time has been spent in GA aircraft, but I did take the A320 out for a little flight the other day. Whilst it was nice that every button and switch seemed to be there in an incredible looking cockpit, it was extremely disappointing to see a vast majority of the functions listed as ‘inop’. This add-on, which I expect will be continually updated over the next several weeks/months/years, appears to go a long way to giving us sim geeks the type of thing we crave, and at the best possible price - free!

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