Any Mustang owners in the Riverhead, Long Island area? I need a favor

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Hi Guys,
My 2012 Ford Mustang is currently at Riverhead Ford, where it has been undergoing its second manual transmission rebuild for the last 8 weeks. Yes 8 weeks.

TL/DR: I may need someone with a Manual 2011-2014 GT to bring their car to Riverhead Ford in Long Island on Friday 6/5/2015 as a comparison to show they did not fix my transmission right. If you are available, let me know in the comments. There is lunch in it for you. Thanks.

A little back story; Last September, all of the gears in my 2012 GT manual starting screaming. This in combination with the fact that it was incredibly hard to shift into second gear (The shifter physically catches something... not skip shift... and won’t let you into gear unless you jam it in), made me bring the car in for service. I brought the car back to the dealership I purchased it from; Riverhead Ford in Long Island. Riverhead, for reference is 100 miles from my house in Staten Island, but up until now, they have always treated me well. Riverhead decided the transmission needed a rebuild. Due to part back orders, the repair took 42 days leading basically into November 2014.

Upon picking up the car, I noted that second gear still didn’t feel right. However, I was told to drive the car for a little and let everything break in... fine I’ll deal.

I drive the car for about 1000 miles (enough to break in a new clutch that Riverhead installed) when I begin to smell oil. I brought the car to my local Staten Island dealership (Dana Ford) to find that my cylinder head is cracked. Ford replaced the cylinder head, but that repair meant the car was out of commission for another 2 weeks. For those of you counting, we are up to 8 weeks at this point. I also ask Dana to take a look at the transmission as well because I still do not like the way it is shifting. Dana comes back and says nothing is wrong. However, when I found a used 2011 with a manual on their lot and made them compare the two, they did agree that mine did not feel right. Alas, they refused to work on the car because Riverhead was the last dealership to do warranty work on the transmission, which meant that if it was assembled wrong, Dana would not be able to bill Ford.... which is why the car is back at Riverhead.

So now it has been ADDITIONAL 8 weeks. The transmission parts were supposedly available when I brought it in, meaning that the transmission would be rebuilt again instead of replaced. However, this was wrong and the parts were back ordered to the vendor with no arrival date. In the meantime, after two weeks of trying to get in touch with the regional manager Rita (with no call back), I did request a new transmission, though I am told none are available. Fast forward 6 weeks and the parts arrive but the technician who was to assemble it had health problems and could not assemble it. The dealership then sent it to a transmission shop and is now supposed to have the whole car ready for me this Friday, 6/5/2015.

Honestly, I want this ordeal to be over. I also refuse to leave the dealership if the transmission does not feel right. I’ve already told the dealership and Ford customer service that I will not take the car if I cannot get into second gear cleanly. If this happens, I want a new transmission; no more rebuilds.

So Back to the favor: Since Riverhead is small, they do not have a large used car inventory. If anyone with a GT manual is in the area, I am requesting the possibility to bring the car by as a comparison if I have trouble. All I want them to do is shift the gears in yours vs mine. I’ll buy you lunch if you come out. Let me know in the comments if you can help. Thank you.



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