In short: this week I'm going to check out a job I got an offer for (for once I graduate in May) in the eastern part of North Carolina - any of you guys from around there? As a car enthusiast/jalop, what sort of things should I know? I'm coming from northwest PA so I like the idea of the weather being somewhat warm, not to mention the idea of not-every-car-over-3-years-old-is-rusty. Beyond that, I don't know anything about the roads/culture/laws about cars, etc, in the area.

Also I'll be flying alone for the first time to get there and back, so any tips on that would be cool, too. Bonus points if you can guess what car I get as a rental (I have no idea what it'll be but I'll do a review when I get back since I seem to be able to post here once again!).