I made this concept render for a project and think it might be good for my portfolio if I actually made it and had some photos and tactile feedback. I was thinking just melt some cheap bars of soap and put food coloring in it while it’s melted then put it in a rectangle mold. Then once I have a colorful brick I can make some brick red soap and dip the cold color brick and have it be layered like I want. Then shrink wrap and labels are easy.

Any flaws with my plan? I’m open to all suggestions and feedback.

Also I’m going back on the whole 37oz. bar of soap thing. Way too big. Would be like using a full Nalgene water bottle to wash yourself.


I’d like to do a batch of 10, give one to my professor, one to my boss who tolerated me leaving early a few times to work on this class, some to my friends and one for myself for portfolio.