Pretty straightforward question here.

I’m located in Queens and have an RX-8 which I adore aside from cargo carrying. I also have a Focus SVT that I have struggled to sell and now that most of the nagging issues are fixed I’ve considered hanging on to it. So of course my brother totals his car this week & badly needs a loaner.

Anyways. Whether he gets the Focus or not I’ve been considering an SUV because insurance is cheaper than the rentals. So thumbed through the SUV yearbook with the girlfriend tonight and we’ve found a few we like. She likes the RX300, I like the MDX because of the third row. Murano is a distant third, which I’m iffy about over the CVT.

Anyone have experience with either the Lex or the Acura? How are the transmissions in these? Any electrical issues? Other weird shit I should be aware of for vehicles in the 150k+ miles territory?